Payment and Charging Services

Advance Pay/Prepaid and OCS/PCRF

In today’s competitive environment, wireless operators need to offer various monthly packages that appeal to different Usage-based demographics whether the subscriber is in the high-usage group and requires an Unlimited plan, or whether the subscriber is in a limited usage group who may prefer lower priced monthly packages which may include limited voice (Local, LD, roaming), SMS/MMS, and Data buckets…. and those subscribers residing somewhere between these two groups.

Unlike other Online Charging Service (OCS) vendors, Primal Technologies Advance Pay/Prepaid/OCS allows the wireless operator the ability to not only monetize real-time Data usage, but also Voice, SMS/MMS and other Services. If a wireless operator can’t offer ILD and Roaming Services because they can’t easily or economically bill / charge for all 3G, LTE, IMS media/transaction types then that not only limits the revenue opportunity but also yields subscriber churn.

Primal Technologies has provided the Charging solutions for some of the most innovative operators who are interested in maintaining a cohesive set of Voice/Messaging/Data monthly packages that work together and complement each other.

Some examples of the convenience and feature flexibility that wireless operators have gained with a Primal Advance Pay/Prepaid/OCS and PCRF solution:

  • ▪  RADIUS/DIAMETER Gy interface charging
  • ▪  DIAMETER Ro interface for any 3rd Party Charging Interworking
  • ▪  CAMEL/MAP and MM1/MM4/MM7 Charging for Voice, SMS, MMS
  • ▪  Flexible, granular zone-based rating
  • ▪  Automatic periodic charges (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • ▪  Multiple configurable buckets for any media type (Voice, SMS, MMS, Data, Promotions, etc) to meet many marketing requirements
  • ▪  Numerous ways to top-up, query account balances via WWW, IVR, USSD, SMS, HTML5
  • ▪  WWW Subscriber Self-Care branded for the operator
  • ▪  Full PCI Compliancy for credit card top-ups
  • ▪  Flexible Voucher/Card usage can be setup for any bundle plan or bucket purchase
  • ▪  Full Web/XML compatibility for Web Provisioning & Subscriber Lifecycle Management
  • ▪  Promotions for various criteria with bucket bonuses etc.
  • ▪  MVNO Capability (e.g. host other brands also)
  • ▪  PCRF Tiered Policy Control
  • ▪  PCRF Traffic type Policy Control
  • ▪  Primal PCRF / OCS interworking for enhanced Policy Control based on bucket size / Usage
  • ▪  3rd Party Interworking over Sy interface
  • ▪  Other custom features available

Primal Technologies has also typically assisted the wireless operator who wants to offer national and international roaming and ILD calling to stay competitive but can’t easily offer these calling features in some of their Unlimited plans today. An Operator who wants the flexibility to offer Daily/Weekly plans for Data (and/or SMS and Voice) in addition to monthly plans with multiple buckets and with various policies can take advantage of the Primal Technologies OCS with Custom Timed Services (CTS) and Gy/Sy/Ro interfaces. Furthermore, Primal OCS interworks with many different vendors’ PCEF/DPI Solutions to support different/free buckets and rating on various identified data traffic types. Primal Technologies has included many sophisticated billing features that also allow Operators to move some of their subscribers to a lower cost of Ownership Advance Pay/Prepaid/OCS and PCRF platform.

For the complete set of features available on Primal Technologies Payment and Charging Services or for general enquiries, please contact us.

About us

Primal Technologies, with a successful 20+ year history, is a leading provider of Converged Prepaid and Value Added Services for mobile, landline and cable operators.

Primal offers a broad and feature-rich portfolio of advanced VNF services for wireless and VoIP operators worldwide serving many types of networks.