PRIMAL TECHNOLOGIES supporting Rocky Linux for Primal OSE deployments

Primal Technologies announced today the support of Rocky Linux 8.8 for deployments of OSE NFV Services and CNF deployments.

Rocky Linux is an open-source, community-supported enterprise operating system designed to be a downstream, complete binary-compatible release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system source code. Like CentOS, it is also compatible with several system architectures including X86_64, ARM64 and it uses the 3-Clause BSD license for reuse, redistribution and modification.

“Rocky Linux provides an alternative to CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux for customers who want to minimize CAPEX as there is no licensing fee. This is perfect for customers who are moving towards IP SMS and DIAMETER for Data and Voice calls where SIGTRAN is not required. Due to open-source nature of the Operating system, Rocky Linux is community-supported, and users can access its code freely.” says Jay Selvaratnam, Senior System Engineer.

Primal Technologies' NFV Services include Advance Pay/Prepaid, OCS, Voice Mail/Visual VM, SMSC/IP-SM-GW, MMS Server, EIR, CRS and PCRF. With Primal's solutions on NFV technology, wireless carriers can leverage all value-added applications with a solution scaling from 10,000 and beyond without hardware restrictions.

About Primal Technologies Inc.

Primal Technologies has been providing Enhanced Services for the wireless and broadband industry from offices in North America, Africa and Asia. Primal provides one of the most customizable and scalable architectures which allows network operators to monetize their 2G/3G/4G and 5G network infrastructure with an industry leading Online Charging Service / 5G CHF. Operators are also looking for scalable NFV and CNF services that can be bundled together including an SMSC/IP-SM-GW, MMS Server, native Android/iPhone Visual VM, EIR, and PCRF, which can all be easily deployed within their NFV or Containerized Data Centers. Primal Technologies offers a turnkey OCS/CHF + VAS offering for greenfield Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), or alternatively component solutions for existing MNOs. Primal Technologies also develops several custom services per year to a broad range of Landline/VoIP and Mobile Network Operators.

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Primal Technologies, with a successful 20+ year history, is a leading provider of Converged Prepaid and Value Added Services for mobile, landline and cable operators.

Primal offers a broad and feature-rich portfolio of advanced VNF services for wireless and VoIP operators worldwide serving many types of networks.