New Server Required
bill server (>2017/02/08)
card server (>2017/02/08)

Database Update

Customer Management | Registration Info
Support Mix mode CC number/token save, configuration setting required

Customer Management | Billing
Added pre-provision status, and activation function

Market Management | Batch
Added "Activation Card" type


New Server Required
credit card server
credit card proxy

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing | Pay Via Credit Card
Support both cc number and token top-up
Added FAC gateway support


New Server Required
admin server (June 10, 2016+)

Database Update
users table upgrade
new history table

Customer Management | CDR
"Point Code" is now re-worded as "Location"

System Management | System Configuration 1
Password policy phase 2 with: password expiry days, invalid password account lock, and no repetition features

Password policy phase 2.

Change Password
Password policy phase 2.

System Management | Security Manager
Password policy phase 2.

Customer Management
Bug fix: clicking on disabled service item will freeze the app in windows 10.


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing | CTS Options
CTS rate plan matching bug fix, e.g. rate plan 113 will be read as 3, 13, and 113.

Customer Management | Customer Registration
Bug fix: cc token editable == false will disable regular cc Save button


New Server Required
admin server (May 11, 2016+) for extended wildcard search.

Database Update

Market Management | CTS
Enforces CTS rules during the creation.

Customer Management | Adanced Search
Extended wildcard search (using * in a search string)


New Server Required
Bill Server

Database Update

System Management | System Config1
Added MTS Monthly Air, MTS Yearly Air and MTS Yearly Data rate plan list

Cost Management | Charges
Added Yearly activating by expiry date option

Customer Management | Billing
MTS Yearly data plan CTS logic follows monthly plan
Yearly plan swapping logic follows monthly plan


New Server Required

Database Update

Cost Management | SMS Rate Plans
Enabled default rate plan [0].


New Server Required

Database Update

Market Management | CTS
Customer Management | Billing
CTS available to certain rate plans.


New Server Required
admin server
credit card proxy server
report server

Database Update

Currency symbol updated.
Credit card top-up in fullformat2

Customer Management | Registration Info / Billing
Credit Card Tokenization for Authorize.net and Eigen support.

Tools | Options
credit card tokenization provider

Customer Management | Billing
fixed bucket minute buffer overflow issue

Improved report list retrieval


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Registration Info / Billing
credit card exp year changed from combo dropdown to edit box.

Tools | Options
Supports Skynet url sync

Market Management | Batches
default PIN length is configurable from 1 - 25.

System Management | System Configuration 2
added EIR cfg_servers config info.

System Management | System Configuration 1
fixed password policy "norep" issue.


New Server Required
OTA Server

Database Update

Customer Management | OTA
Added OMA-DM

OTA Management
Added login check to prevent fake UDP connection
Fixed bug: tree logout OTA didn't disconnect ota server

System Management | Security Manager
Added "dealer" permission

Cost Management | Zone
Added sorting feature to Zone table


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
Added Bucket Usage for CCT


New Server Required
Card Server - Promotion
Promotion Server - Promotion

Database Update

System Management | System Configuration 1
Added Skylight login password policy

Customer Management | Data
Label changes: Allow Inter-Carrier-Gateway SMS => Allow International Text

Market Management
Replaced Card Management with Market Management
Added Promotion
Separated CTS from Batch screen


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
Credit card top up will not extend expiry date on a monthly fee account

Customer Management | CDR
CDR Origination field masks on 1, 2, 3, 206, 207


New Server Required

Database Update

System Management | Security Manager
Added EIR permissions


New Server Required
Admin Server - T911

Database Update

Customer Management | Data
MTS T911E/T911F


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
Added MTS monthly data CTS logic

Cost Management / Card Management
Zone list, vendor list and group id list caches will be reset after log out.

Customer Management | Registration Info
Bug fix: Special account creation doesn't need MSID for MTS

Customer Management
Conference is not supported anymore.

Customer Management | Billing | Call Costs
Updated from callcosts to callcosts3 which allows location search, but disables the rate plan search.

Card Management | Batch
Bug fix: voucher batch shows CTS option list.

10.21 sp1/sp2

New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Registration Info
Bug fix: bug => CDMA didn't allow provsion if pESN was already used but MEID is different.

Report Management | Static Report
Bug fix: bug => Get report crashes. (this bug was introduced in 10.21)


New Server Required
Bill Server - MTS HSPA2
Admin Server - MTS HSPA2

Database Update

Card Management | Batches
Allow add extra description info to CTS, Credit Card and Native Bucket batches.

Customer Management | Registration Info
Allow multimode MEID
MTS Mobile device separation, and CDMA-HSPA migration
cc saving using ModifyContactData6 instead of ModifyContactData3 (adminserver has a bug after some version that ModifyContactData3 cannot save first/last name).
Improves SMS SMPP link screen flickering during the data update


New Server Required
Bill Server - MTS CDMA monthly fee update, CTS (Data+Voice+Text Packages)
Card Server - CTS (Data+Voice+Text Packages)
CTS Server (Data+Voice+Text Packages)

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
MTS Monthly Fee checkbox redefinition
CTS2 (data+voice+text)


New Server Required
Bill Server - fee charge logic when MTS monthly plan selected, and CTS RunPackages2

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
Bank draft, cc logo replaced with bitmap+mask
CTS stackability is configurable
CTS RunPackages2 instead of RunPackages
Bug fix billing tab crash with HSPA & CDMA rate plan separation starting with ver 10.16
Bug fix credit card / bank draft logo might crash in some win7

SMS Management | Advanced Subscriber Status
Added read message permission
Bug fix sms permission => uncheck edit will uncheck cr edit

TCP is no longer supported

Tools | Options
Added login UDP retries local config, 0 - 5

Customer Management | Billing
Enable monthly fee auto pay for MTS CDMA
Monthly plan switch logic for MTS CDMA
Bug fix: text bundle will show up if switched back/forth through Call Cost tab (non MTS)

Cost Management | Data Rating
Zone ID shall be selected from the list
Event based rating, data byte field forced to 0


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Registration Info
MTS 001 ESN without validation

Cost Management | Routes
Bug fixed, "rate plan 0" introduced a bug that causes searching all rateplan ends up to rate plan 0 routes only.


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
MTS non-apex shall call ModifyAccount4, bug fix.
"Pay Monthly Fee Now" is configurable.


New Server Required
Bill Server - 0 Rate Plan, Stackable CTS

Database Update

admin objects removed "createcontext".

Cost Management | Rate Plans & Routes
Rate plan list will show default rate plan [0]

Customer Management | Registration Info
MTS Apex/Non-Apex compatible

Customer Management | Billing
Stackable CTS

Customer Management | Billing & Data
MTS HSPA/CDMA wireless data, rate plan differences:
HSPA/CDMA use different set of rate plans and templates
CDMA cannot have wireless data (disabled), HSPA has wireless data (enabled)


New Server Required
Card Server - CTS
Bill Server - CTS, Data Rating new fields
CTS Server (Data Packages)

Database Update
CTS Table
Data Rating Table

Cost Management | Data Rating
Bug fix: if newly added data rating's rate plan is not the same as the view list, the "Add" button will still show up even though the new data was successfully added.

Customer Management | Registration Info
Add MEID validation for MTS Wireless
Add MEID validation config

Skynet Data Sync

Customer Management | CDR, CDR Management
Event ID 206 and 207's names are configurable now.

Customer Management | Registration Info
Apex port-in number search bug fix.

Customer Management | Billing
Added CTS Options

Card Management | Card Batch
Added CTS Options

Cost Management | Data Rating
Added bucket, accounting basis and zone ID.

.4f to atoi fixes


New Server Required
* Bill Server
* Card Server
* Admin Server

Database Update
bucket table add data field

Customer Management | Unified Messaging
Added voice-to-text conversion check box.

Report Management | CDR
Bug fix: Report downloading progress show negative if file size bigger than 20M.

Customer Management | CDR
Added MDN/MSID change events
Consolidated account creation/deletion event types to BILLING_REC_CREATE & BILLING_REC_DELETE
Create associated account using addcontact...7 instead of addcontact...4

Customer Management
Support CDMA <-> GSM/UMTS
Time Offset inherited from template during the creation

Customer Management | Billing
Time Offset will be copied from template during the account creation.

Customer Management | Registration Info
MTS Apex

Customer Management | Billing
Added Data Bucket.

Card Management | Batch
Added Data Bucket for Native Bucket

Cost Management | Zone
Bug fix, this screen's search button will miss label the delete button on other screens in Cost Management to "Search".

Customer Management | Registration Info
Support unified mobile system, POP3UserName field has been reused.

Customer Management | Registration Info
MINO "Home Billing ID" length increased, and labels updated.

Report Management | Static Report
Bug fix: A domain user might be unable to download report, if "My Document" has been mapped to a Network path.


New Server Required

Database Update

SMS Bucket Topup
This feature is for MTS.

Cost Management | Routes
* Bug fix: skylight crashes if too many destinations to be added to the destination combo list. GetDC not followed up by a ReleaseDC casues memory exhaution.

Customer Management | Registration Info
* Bug fix: Creating a special account requires manual validation of msid/mdn/2nd mdn if global setting has manual validation set on. The fix bypasses manual validation for the special account creation, same as template account creation.
* pESN could be manually input depend on global settings.


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management CDR
MINO: MEID Hex would be able to accept non-space chars without any link to ESN field.


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management CDR
Support Point Code in customized fields


New Server Required
Location Server.

Database Update

Location Management implemented.


New Server Required
Location Server, note: this release is to fix onelink bug running skylight in terminal service. Location Service is not fully implemented.

Database Update

Detailed login failure information is not supported anymore.

response port
updated call to: clSetResponsePortRange(15000, 15000) to accomodate the new cl_framework function: clAddResponseBlock.

Location Management | Location MapTab
* this is a new feature.


New Server Required

Database Update

Service Navigation
Global control of service masking.

Customer Management | Billing Tab
* Added monthly fee "Pay Now" button for COET.
* Added MTS auto credit card topup logic

Customer Management | Data Tab | SMS
Added "Allow SMS to Voice"

Performance Monitor | Alarm Watch
Default grid size could now be configured globally


New Server Required
Bill Server (zone 2 zone)

Database Update
zone table

* Rateplan, Destination, Vendor, Group ID list code optimization
* Report create context failure will now nullify the handle and try again

Cost Management
Add Zone management tab

Customer Management
Bug fix: change MDN field on the registration info won't auto update the sync MDN, which causes searching on sub tabs failure.

Customer Management
Allow "-" in MDN fields, which is for Family Mail Box.


New Server Required

Database Update

Bug fix (bug introduced since 10.00): logout button click failed to clean up resources, symptoms: call control display duplicated after another login, server side handles not cleaned up ....

Report Management
* Enable/disable dynamic reports will be controlled in global configuration.

Customer Management | Billing
* Scheduled payment will be enabled/disabled from a global setting.

Cost Management | Clone Routes
* Error message changed to info message: "Clone failed, network problem" changed to "System Is Busy At Cloing..."
* Clone timeout extended from 15 sec to 120 sec


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | Registration Info
* Bankdraft number allow alpha-numeric.

Customer Management | Billing
* Bucket permission added same as balance permission.

Customer Management | Registration Info
* Bug fix: template list sometimes won't be loaded completely.


New Server Required
* Admin Server
* Bill Server
* Card Server

Database Update
Add new fields for payment schedule.

CDR Management, Customer Management | CDR
* Default SMS event labels changed.
Event ID Skylight 10.03 and below Skylight 10.04 and above For Pocket For MTS
BILLING_REC_SMS_DELIVERED 206 SMS Sent SMS Delivered SMS Terminated SMS Delivered
BILLING_REC_SMS_RECEIVED 207 SMS Received SMS Originated SMS Originated Default to Skylight version

Cost Management | Routes
* Limit the number up to 999 to "Retail Cost Interval", "Std Charge Interval", "Carrier Cost Interval". PS change request on email dated: 2008/10/09

Card Management | Bateches
* New batch type: Native Bucket (Enabled), Native Bucket (Disabled)

System Management | System Configuration 2
* Enable the ability to configure cfg_servers table from Skylight

Customer Management | Registration Info
* Bank Draft Information
* "State" is added to Province label to fit US carriers.

Customer Management | Billing
* Payment Schedule

Cost Management | Charges
* Added "Based on Expiry Date" to Monthly selection.


New Server Required
* Admin Server
* Bill Server
* CDR Server (Note: this version of CDR Server is not backward compatible, array size has been re-defined)

Database Update

Customer Management | CDR
* Bucket events and new columns
* Customizeable list columns

Customer Management | Billing
* Bucket allows minutes/seconds configuration
* Bucket is read only on a regular account for COAZ CSR.

Customer Management
* Bug fix: Template modification permission was not enforced to the tabs other than "Registration Info".


New Server Required

Database Update

Customer Management | CDR and CDR Management
* Bug fix: credit didn't calculate correctly.

Customer Management | Data
* MTS disables MSN, Streaming TV, Stream Radio and LBS Seek & Find


New Server Required

Database Update
Web Options fields
Bucket Table

Customer Management | Billing
* Configurable, to associate rate plan to credit denominations
* Bug fix: changing balance will cause cursor highlighted to expiry date field if expiry date updated.
* Template expiry days extended from 999 to 99999 days.

Customer Management
* Bug fix: sometimes, customer management permission will be carried over from a previous login.

Tools | Options...
* Bug fix: say no to "Save to global ...", it didn't update to memroy either.

Customer Management | Data
* Added web options (for aspx version)

SMS Management | SMPP Link
* supports 64 links

Customer Management | Billing
* Added bucket feature

Card Management | Batch
* Added bucket feature


New Server Required

Database Update
Carrier ID for contacts and admin users.

System Management
* Added "System Configuration 1" for listbox editing.
* Added a security flag for "System Configuration 1"
* Enabled "Update IP" feature for Skylight users.

Login - Password
* Change/update password doesn't accept empty password now.
* Update password during login, password dialog is fixed to be focused to input.
* Admin can still change password to blank in System Management
* Fixed System Management login timeout issue

SMS Management - Advanced Subscriber Status
* Enable one day lookup - rather than today's lookup.

* Bug fix - If SMS has no permission, all login will show SMS Service in red rather than yellow. Tree login is OK.

Customer Management | Registration Info
* Bug fix - When create a new account, check on "using template", the default selected template name is not selected to the data, even though GUI shows the default selection.

Toolbar | Traffic Monitor
* Added "Snooze" button.

Customer Management | All
* Support Carrier ID
* Credit Reason special account will be created in one step (no manual database operation required)
* Financial permission is required to create/modify/delete a special account

System Management | Security Manager
* Support Carrier ID


New Server Required
BillServer - expiry date/days

Database Update

Customer Management | Billing
* Support Expiry Days if account is template.

Alarm Watch
* Support overlay alarm signal
* Manual refresh button
* Alarm variable board supports Normal/Warning/Error color codes.
* Hist chart with data printed on the bar.

Pop up monitor
* Bug fix, IP and port might not match (IP is the login IP, port is taken from db which shall be default 8421)

* Stop using winsock.h which is for win95 compatible. Replaced with Winsock2.h


New Server Required
* Admin Server - CSR O.T.A

Database Update

* Added MRU list, max 10

Registration Info
* MDN, MDN2 and MSID mamual validation require config (bxxxManValidate && (m_cbIsTemplate.GetCheck() != 1))

* Release changed from GX to EHa

* Add "Network Traffic Monitor" toolbar

Performance Monitor - Alarm Watch
* Bug fix: - Variable page kept showing "retrieving data, please wait..." if no variable defined for this process.
* Var and Hist graphic windows preserve their positions

Customer Management
* Added O.T.A tab


Customer Management => Data
* MTS' LBS requires both SMS and Mobile Browser

SMS Managemet => Advanced Subscriber Status
* GetHistory timeout is now set to 90s, before was 30s

Performance Monitor => Alarm Variables
* For "queue" var, it will also show high data. Other vars only show cur data.


New Server Required
* Broadcast server, default port 8441

Database Update

Call Control
* Now supports max processes: 4096 in an array of [16 servers x 256 prcs/svr]
* Optimized channel view refresh speed
* Fix windows user threading limitation and optimized call tracing feature
* Re-sort the login seqeunce
* Known bug: switch from full view to normal view, some trunks might not display
* known bug: Highest volume is not accurate, shall be counted after all trunks are up.

OTA Management
* OTA is separated from SMS Management.
* OTA permission has to be re-assigned for existing users

Broadcast Management
* This is a new feature.


New Server Required

Database Update

Cost Management -> Data Rating
* Charge Type loaded from LISTBOX ntype=33, MTS hardcoded types are OK, If LISTBOX has the same ID, LISTBOX ITEM will overwrite the hard coded ones.
* BILLING_REC_SMS_DELIVERED: Pocket is SMS Terminated, MTS_W, MTS_L is SMS Delivered, others areSMS Sent.
*BILLING_REC_SMS_RECEIVED: Pocket is SMS Originated, others are SMS Received.
*BILLING_REC_MMS_RETRIEVAL: MTS_W MMS Retieval, others are MMS Terminated.
*BILLING_REC_MMS_SEND: MTS_W Media Message, others are MMS Originated.

* Added GPRS Upload and GPRS Download


New Server Required
* Admin Server
* Bill Server

Database Update

Customer Management -> Data
* MTS_W 5 projects, only show up when MTS_W is detected
* Removed High Speed .... junks

Cost Management -> Data Rating
* MTS_W 5 projects,

Cost Management -> Charges
* MTS_W 5 projects related changes (only daily charge supported for those features)

Customer Management -> Registration Info
* Bug fixed: Clear Screen didn't clear MDN/MSID/MEID/MDN2 info.


New Server Required
* Admin Server

Database Update

Global Configuration
* Added "Manual MDN Validation"
* Added "Manual MDN2 Validation"
* Added "Manual MSID Validation"

Customer Management => Registration Info
* Fix Non-MTS port-in number not found issue

Global Config
* New activation options in bitmask values

Performance Monitor => Alarm Watch
* Added weekly chart


New Server Required
* Heart Beat Server

Database Update

Customer Management => Prepaid
* new "Allow Roaming" check box.

* Backdoor allows major version mismatch

Performance Monitor => Alarm Watch
* New Feature: Monitor process and its variables

Cost Management => Charges
* Fixed Activation Charges - were not be able to set.


New Server Required

Database Update

Unified Messaging
"Forwarding On" is deprecated and "One Number Greeting" is now using this bitmask.

Registration Info
Fixed city name and province cannot be typed in the list. Bug introduced in version 9.00


New Server Required
* Admin_Server
* Bill_Server
* UM_Server
* QDN_Server [MTS_Wireless Only]
* Credit Card Server

Database Update
* MDN/MSID pool
* MSID in Client table
* City ID in MDN/MSID pool
* SMS sub features

Credit Card CVV field added

Applied 2007 DST changes in US and Canada

Customer Management - Registration Info
WNP support

Customer Management - Billing
WNP support

Customer Management - Data
SMS sub-features

System Management - Number Manager
MDN/MSID pool management (Enhancement based on MIN management)

System Management - Security Manager
Bill termination permission added

System Management - System Info
* Total Accounts
* Total Mail box

Performance Monitor - Disk Space
* For remote disks w/ labels starting with "osp" or "OSP", only percentage will be shown on the chart. Local disks will show kb.

* Titile now includes both Skylight verison and server version.

Call Control->Channel View
* Destination number from server is BCD encoded.


New Server Required

Performance Monitor->TAE Tracing
* "Control TAE Trace" permission is required to operate this tab

* New cl_framework fixes "Response Port Depletion" bug.


New Server Required

CDR Management /Customer Management->CDR Tab
* SMS Originated replaces SMS Received, SMS Terminated replaces SMS Delivered (Pocket Only)


New Server Required
*Admin_Server: System Information

System Management
* System Information Tab

* Now shows a logging out progress bar

Call Control - Channel (Over) View
* Can track a call inbound/outbound. 20K / trunk memory resources required.

Customer Management - Billing
* Max balance could be restricted up to $999999.99, set 0 will removed the restriction on Credit Card Trans. Prepaid Trans doesn't apply to this rule.

Customer Management - Advanced Search
* Phase 1 google search, loop all the items in the search list.
* Advanced search now requires minimum lengh of search string, which is configurable. Default length is 3.

System Management - LNP Manager
* If number is trying to override the LNP table, Skylight will popup a warning.

* Introduced "Strict Versioning". If "Strict Versioning" is set to "Yes", only if both major and minor versions matche the system versions, will the Skylight be able to login. If "Strict Versioning" is set to "No", only major version is required to match for login. The setting is in the global config file.


New Server Required

Database Update

slgbcfg.txt Update
* Configure 8 cost info labels for Cost Management => Routes page, to ensure that those info will still show as the ealier version does.

Cost Management => Routes
* 12 cost info labels are configurable.

Bug Fix: Call channel view switching to other services will crash Skylight ... bug introduced since 8.34

Call Routing Tab
*Active Number supports up to 31 characters.


New Server Required
*HB_SErver: Alarm Watch

Bug Fix: On Win2k, sometimes clicking the menu will crash Skylight

Bug Fix: On WinXP + , Seach registration info flickers when no "Modify" permission.

Performance Monitor
* Alarm Watch

Call Control
* T1 display is using multi-threading per trunk, data refresh is much faster. E1 on hold.

CDR List
* For MTS_WL only, Monthly Fee is hardcoded to Monthly E911 MRS Fee

Cost Management | Data Rating
* For MTS_WL only, added "Download Streaming Media" and "Upload/Downoad MMS"


New Server Required
* Admin_Server: MEID
*UM_Server: MEID
* UM_Server: Get/SetOneNumber

Database Update
* New MEID field in client table

Customer Management - Customer Info
* MEID field
* Advanced MEID Search

Tools -> Options -> Customer Management
* Show/Hide MEID Dec Field
* Show/Hide MEID Hex Field

Customer Management - Call Routing
* 7 more CR options

Customer Management - Customer Info
* Layout chaged
* Support 9 digit US ZIP code
* Create multiple (max 50) associated accounts - CR Active Number for now

Pay Via Credit Card
* Failure description is removed from Skylight, due to multiple gateway support.

* Default login speed set to fast
* If global configure cannot be loaded (either failed or file not found on server), login will fail. Only backdoor will let go.

Customer Management | UM tab
* Greeting / CR time table support (Get/SetOneNumber)


New Server Required
* UM_Server: support longer pager number

Database Update
* Pager number field to be widened to support 32 chars

Customer Management -> Unified Messaging
* Support CALEA feature

SMS Management -> SMS Usage
* Corrected chart label

Customer Management -> Unified Messaging
* Pager number support up to 32 chars

Customer Management -> CDR and CDR Management
* Removed end of CDR popup message introduced in 8.31


New Server Required
* Admin Server is required. => Advanced search on MIN2
* SMSC Server is required. => Advanced Subscriber Status Search

CDR Management
* File will be open with a default app after records saved

SMS Management
* Added "Advanced Subscriber Status" tab
* OTA will open file with default app after downloading

Customer Management -> UM tab and Billing tab
* Removed add/delete feature

Pay Via Credit Card in Billing tab
* Added "Delete" credit card info button.

Registration Info
* Trim the email, fixes the web login problem with space tailed / headed email

Call Control
* Label syntax check applied. A trunk with erroneous label will be skipped by the Skylight.

Customer Management - Registration Info
* Advanced search on MIN2

Customer Management - Registration Info
* Show/hide MIN2 could be configured for landline system.

Customer Management - Billing
* Max balance could be restricted up to $999999.99, set 0 will removed the restriction. Credit Card Trans & Prepaid Trans don't apply to this rule.

* Corrected the time out values


New Server Required
* Admin Server is required. => Change Template, New serivce types (Customer Management - Data tab)

Registration Info
* Time-Zone/DST will be set 0 if failed to get correct information from the server.

Call Control
* Fixed "Ghost Trunk" problem.

Customer Management - Registry Info tab
* Able to change template, depend on global settings

Customer Management - Data tab
* new MMS Origination / Termination service

Customer Management - CDR tab, CDR Management
* new types defined.

Cost Management - Data Rating tab
* new types defined. Upload MMS , Download MMS


New Server Required
* UM Server is required. => MWI Configuration on UM Tab

Customer Management - UM tab
* Enable to configure the MWI setting for each user.


New Server Required
* SMSC Server is required. => OTACommand new interface
* Bill Server is required. => Data Rating List

Cost Management - Data Rating tab
* Data Rating Re-designed.

Customer Management - Registration tab
* Enable to Modify Account ID with "Template" management permission + global settings

System Management - LNP tab
* LNP_View / LNP_Edit permission are created for LNP tab, before it shares the NUM_VIEW / NUM_EDIT

SMS - OTA tab
* New OTACommand Interface
* More OTA command added


New Server Required
* Admin Server is required. => for Time Offset, LNP
* CDR Server is required. => for CDR List Time
* SMSC Server is required. => for OTA List Time

Report Management | Account Summary
* In the report list, min and max switch the position, bug fix.

SMS Management | OTA
* New

Security Management | LNP Manager
* New

Customer Management | Prepaid
* All buttons/edit boxex are configurably enable/disable

Customer Management | CR, Data, Conferencing
* Numbers only take 14 characters bug, fixed for standard max 15.

Customer Management | CDR, CDR Management
* Start Time is now changed into End Time for the balance sort
* if CDR type == BILLING_REC_ADJUST_CREDITCARD, nCost = -nCost

Customer Manament
* CDR / Billing tabs support Local Time with the time offset.
* PSNTimeZone=-300 //defined in global config file [General] section, in munites
* PSNDSTCountryCode=1 defined in global config file [General] section, currently only US/Canada defined
* PSNIsDST=1 //defined in global config file [General] section

Call Control Channel View Upgrade
* Can set a highlight text with righ click popup menu.


New Server Required
* New Bill Server is required. => for "Bug Fix in Cost Management | Charges"

Customer Management | Custom tab
* Pull down list added scroll bar if there are more items than the list can hold.

Tool bar has a new "Refresh Customer Management Screen"

Bug Fix in Cost Management | Charges
* Service feature: Call Waiting, Calling Line ID and Voice Mail didn't work correctly since ver 8.24


New Server Required
* New Bill Server is required.

Global Config
* QDN Server IP / Port Number

Customer Management | Billing
* Add prepaid card with ClearTalk rate plan flip logic
* ClearTalk cannot change rateplan

Card Management | Batch
* Allow card q'ty = 0 in a batch

Call Routing
* new Advanced Editor feature

Call Control
* Replace 3D Trunk Indicator with 2D style

4 Buttons On Tool Bar
* When unlock screen, 4 buttons will show on tool bar bug fix
* Company Name configurable and shown on the title bar when connected.
* Advanced Call Routing tree editing.

SMS Management
* Time bug
* New status

Customer Info [Customer Management]
* If set Check ESN and ESN field is IMSI, Skylight will check if IMSI is 15 digit length. If not, it will fail creation/modification

Billing Tab [Customer Management]
* Billing account new status - SUSPEND, if account is in supend, it cannot add money via credit card / prepaid card

Charges Tab [Cost Management]
* Debit Fee in %


New Server Required
* New Bill Server is required.
* New SC Server is required.

Prepaid Tab
* Call Waiting enable/disable check box

SMS Management (New)
* SMS Usage, Subscriber Status and SMS Queue/Status are the 3 tabs for SMS Management

Bucket Time
* Route Tab, "Has Bucket Time" check box to indication if the route has bucket or not
* Rate Plan Tab, "Bucket Time" edit box for bucket time is seconds
* Billing Tab, "Discount" edit box for miscellaneous discount purpose
* New "Exchange Rate" tab added
* New audit type "Exchange Rate Modified" added, and support for individual event type lookup.

Fixed "Customer Management" focus bug introduced in 8.23


New Server Required
* New Card Server is required.
* New Credit Card Proxy/Server is required.
* New Bill Server is required.

4 Functional Buttons
* Add/Delete/Modify/Cancel the four buttons can be show on the tool bar. To do this, click menu View | Operational Button in Tool Bar, it will toggle the location between toolbar and bottom portion of Skylight
* When the 4 buttons are on the toolbar, type ctrl+t or click the triangle button beside the 4 buttons, it will show the service tree.

Credit Card Information
* If the system is configured to use credit card payment, under "Customer Management" | "General Info" tab, it will have a "credit card info" button, enabling credit card info editing.
* If the system is configured to use credit card payment, under "Customer Management" | "Billing" tab, it will have a charge money "Via Credit Card" button, enabling credit card payment.
* Under "Card Management" | "Batch" tab, it can create an empty batch with 0 card for credit card payment type. Status between credit card batch and prepaid card batch is not interchangeable.

Global Setting Value Added
* CompanyID under "General tab". See Appendix I
* Credit Card Payment under "Customer Management" tab. See Appendix I

Cost Management
* Support Advanced Rate Plan Logic, new billserver is required.

Call Control Channel Overview
* If more than 1 IPs for Call Control, a "All Call Server" will show in the tree list, which can view all the trunks/channels in 1 screen.
* Channel 3D lights.

Revenue Report Permission Bug Fix
* Without Financial Permission, the report graphics should be grayed out. Fixed in this version.

Rate Plan Change CDR support
* Whenever change the rateplan in Billing tab, it will be recorded in CDR.

Call Control Channel View
* Double click each channel will present the latest call events. This feature will be enabled/disable by configuring the global settings file: [OPTION_CALLMAN] CallCtrlViewChEvents=0 or 1

Prepaid Tab
* Pass CLID on Inboud Call, Pass CLID on Outboud Call, Allow UM Access With 0 Balance, Allow UM Messages With 0 Balance, Mid Call Warning 1 Balance, Mid Call Warning 2 Balance..... those settings could be enabled/disabled for modifying by configuring the global settings.

Billing Tab
* Call Cost have two extra inputs: Location (Configuration) and Origination

Cost Management
* Destination Input logic is removed for more flexible input format.

New Data Service in Customer Management | Data
* Low Speed of Data Transfer
* Regular Speed of Data Transfer
* High Speed of Data Transfer

2 More Global Settings In Customer Management
* Show ESN Field
* Show ESN Hex Field
* When set Validate ESN, it can accept max 11 numeric charaters, otherwise it can accept up to 16 numeric characters, currently used for IMSI.

CDR Changes
* "Adjust Credit Card" is renamed to "Credit Card Validation"
* "Credit Card Validation" will not be added into cost sum. A successful validation will be followed by an Adjustment record.

Dummy subitem added to Call Control and Call Routing Management
* Call Control & Call Routing Management could be right clicked to login in Compact Mode.


Call Control Labelling Bug Fix
* Under multiple Call Control servers environment, sometimes trunks are not correctly labeled. This is now fixed.


TAE Tracing Tab
* Under Performance Monitor, TAE Tracing would be used to trace a specific problem on PSN and then, the tracing file could be downloaded to local machine for analysis.

Bill Charges
* Billing Fee is added to General feature on each rate plan. New pt_bill_server is required. Billing Fee is a percentage value. 15.21% saved in database is value 152100.


Company Web Information
* When a global URL is set in Options | General | WWW Info Address, Skylight user would be able to view this web page after a successful login. Company daily news or notification could be a good candidate for this purpose.

Block Web Information
* When set "No" in Options | General | Allow Web Info, Web page won't show up.

New Heart Beat Port
* While continuing support 8010, Heart Beat port will in default set to 8410.

Template Location Auto Verification
* When create a new account from a template, the template shall match the selected location/City based on the option setting: bRestrictLocationTemplate

Redesigned Tool | Options
* Easy to understand and set the configuration.
* Update the Global settings doesn't work properly until the new HeartBeat Server is applies at PSN end. The new Heart Beat server is to be updated at the same time as Skylight 8.23 comes out.

"New Assignment" button in Modify Card In Range
* This button will clear the screen ready for a new assignment. But it won't clear print buffer.

Vendor Sorted By Name
* Vendor is sorted by name in Modify Card In Range page

Smart global settings file cache location
* The global settings file will be cached in:
1. \My Documents
2. \All Users\My Documents
3. \Temp
if none of these location is successful, login will fail.

View Mode Switch
* Support Wide Mode (for 1024x768 or higher) and Compact Mode (for 800x600) switch
* Wide Mode size: 998x572
*Compact Mode size: 800x572

ESN, MIN and MIN2 Names are configurable
* See Appendix I.

Conferencing Feature Under Customer Management
* New AdminServer is required.

Customer Management Service Enable/Disable
* All the tabs under Customer Management will be Enabled/Disabled by the Template Permission & Global Settings (See Appendix A.)
if(!TemplatePermission && !GlobalEnable) DisableTab(); else EnableTab();

Data Rating Feature Under Cost Control
* The new Data Rating feature provides a way to set the billing information based on data usage. New pt_bill_server is required.

Customer Management Default Focus
* After search, Account ID will be focused.

Customer Management Permission
* Without PTAS_CM_GM_VIEW permission, user cannot view any tab under Customer Management Permission.

Clicking Keys Won't Update In Active Number Field in Call Routing Tab
* Fixed the bug: When "call routing" is set, clicking the keys won't update Active Number field. This bug comes from the dial-by-name feature in version 8.16

Billing Balance Change Reason in Billing Tab
*If balance delta change, and if there is only one reason code, the default reason code will be filled in automatically.

Enlarged Skylight Screen Size
* Won't support resolution less than 1024x768.


Enable Ajustable Packet Size
* The interface packet size could be preconfigure in global settings, see PacketSize

Performance Monitor is a separate service
* Performance Monitor is separated for Security Service's permission and IP is no longer the same as admin server, IP and Port are now returned by AdminServer::Login2. AdminServer needs to be upgraded
* Performance Monitor icon color turn yellow if no permission or no service configured. Early version will turn red if service not configured.


Create Number Pool
* Support 7 digit number without area code.

Card Server Download Batch
* Download Batch File from server, need to configure global setting BachFileSvrLocationEndWithSlash. This require a heart beat server sit in the same box as card server to download the file. hbserver is hard coded with default port number.

Increase/decrease customer balance
* MaxBalanceCanChangeInCents in global settings can set the number in cents, if not set, default is $200

Create Batch
* Default to Enable the batch

Modify Card In Range
* Support printing tracking number Information
* Added "Modfiy(Warehous)" permission, which can only set/modify tracking number. But it cannot enable/activate cards/tracking number
*Support multiple change and changes based on Batch, Group ID and seq number. (Require new Card Server)

Unified Messaging
* Fixed Greeings bug which will overwrite existing greeting with the default.

Registration Info
* Can show the tamplate upon which the accout is created even though the temaplate name is not in the list box. This is for multi-city senario.
* MIN could set to be read-only and disabled status when show the customer's information. The settings are done through Tools|Options|Customer Management|Hide MIN in Search
* Special Account cannot be accidentally deleted by a user without financial permission
* New customer could be created on other cities, but all the validation will be carried on the main server, like MIN, ESN check. To create new customer, a city name shall be picked up.

Call Control
* Can support T1(24) or E1(32) channels, the settings are under Tools|Options|Call Management|E1 Card

Report Management
* Report Mangement will be connect using either TCP or UDP based on the settings upon login configure

Security Management
* Support clone the IP address. If source admin has no IP address set on a specific service, the destination admin won't have that service either even though he/she may have the permission settings intensionally

Customer Call Waiting List
* Double clicking an item, will show the name of the customer's

Multi-city support
* One city skylight could see customer in other city which using another set of PSN
* Skylight login connect to main PSN adminserver (location ID is hard coded as 0), and get it local services' IP address and then connect to those servers.
* When Skylight retrieve / modify a customer's info, it will talk to main PSN to get the location ID of that customer and in turn try to connect the remote PSN the customer located, if failed, Skylight will try to work on local PSN
* Skylight will create a new account any PSN, CSR shall select a location. The location name id is set in global config file
* Each city will maintain its own number pool and ESN number, when modify an account, system check this number pool. The main server will have all the number pool and ESN number, when create new account, system will check this number pool.
* Template list is retrieved from main PSN.

Server-Client Agreement
* Special Financing Account name will be created on each PSN ending with the location ID. If there is only one location, location ID will not be appended. In Skylight, the Special Financing Account will show up without the location ID. When modify the data, it will append the location ID in the end of the reason (Special Account Name)

Server That Creates Context:
* admin_server x 2
* bill_server x 1
* card_server x1
* report_server x 1 ~ 8
* hb_server x 1~2

Skylight Settings -> Tools | Options
* Most of the settings is globalized, here is the list:
     - Deletion Confirmation
     - Landline Settings
     - Currency Symbol
     - Check North America Postal Code
     - Check North America Phone Number
     - Check ESN
     - Account, Bill ID = MIN
     - Search By Account ID in Customer Management
     - Hide MIN in Search
     - Warn Billing ID Null
     - Caps Lock
     - Have 2nd MIN
     - E1 Card
* Globalized settings can be set only by Primal

* Admin Server and Heart Beat Server are required to have a successeful login, and both shall sit in the same box.
* Server IP can also have a user friendly name. syntax: xxx.xxx.xxx [server name]