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Primal Skylight is the Operations and Marketing tool that provides real-time status of the Primal Open Services Platform (OSP). Primal Skylight is connected to the Primal OSP via a VPN or Intranet connection. Primal Skylight provides real-time data on; OSP Usage, Customer Balance, Revenue Generation and System Status on a continuous, hourly or daily basis. Real-time Call Detail Records can also be reviewed to assist in trouble-shooting billing related issues. Primal Skylight easily exceeds telecom expectations for a simple, highly focused desktop tool to track mission critical applications on the OSP.

Primal Skylight has consistently received compliments from our customers since its introduction eighteen years ago.

Primal Skylight Features:
  • WIN/CAMEL Message Tracing
  • DS0 Status
  • Busy Hour Traffic Details
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly Revenue Generation and Monitoring
  • Customer Activation/Deactivation
  • SMS Tracing
  • Voice and SMS Broadcasting
Primal Skylight can be configured to support numerous OSPs simultaneously and site licenses are provided to allow the service provider to monitor and maintain the OSP from numerous locations within the organization.

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